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Each game comes with the 15-slide interactive PowerPoint AND the printable one-page answer key (in PDF and MS WORD). Each unique resource has six different game rounds (with six different questions), and each of the questions has 4, 5 or 6 answers waiting to be revealed. This original format was created with ease of use in mind. Each answer is revealed with the click of a mouse, and each "X" is illuminated with the click of a mouse.


This fun, interactive resource is one of 12 in a Disney-themed series (listed below)


1 - DISNEY FILMS (6 engaging rounds, including: Popular Disney princesses, funniest sidekicks, best sequels and more)


2 - PIXAR FILMS (6 engaging rounds, including: sequels, superpowers, most beloved, comic relief, villains, and setting cities)


3 - DISNEY VILLAINS (6 engaging rounds, including: Top male and female villains, characters of the sea, animal villains, most powerful, and the most misunderstood)


4 - TOY STORY (6 engaging rounds, including: main toys, human characters, bad guys, woody sayings, themes, and other Pixar franchises)


5 - HEROES & HEROINES (6 engaging rounds, including: the bravest, Disney dogs, best-known, tragedy, wise mentors, and special powers)


6 - FROZEN (6 engaging rounds, including: main characters, themes, Scandinavian geography, bad guys, Olaf characteristics, and songs)


7 - LION KING (6 engaging rounds, including: featured animals, themes, characters, songs, African geography, and other famous cat cartoon figures)


8 - MICKEY MOUSE (6 engaging rounds, including: physical characteristics, Mickey movies, other famous mice, and buddies like Donald, Daisy, Minnie, Goofy & Pluto)


9 - THEME PARKS (6 engaging rounds, including: locations, Disney economics, food options, rival theme parks, and souvenirs)


10 - PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN (6 engaging rounds, including: main characters, film titles, pirate behavior, pirate accessories, bad guys, and Caribbean geography)


11 - LIVE ACTION FRANCHISES (6 engaging rounds, including: live action franchises, Star Wars, Marvel (MCU), Pirates of the Caribbean, and X-Men characters)


12 - GENERAL TRIVIA (6 engaging rounds, including: assets, what the company is known for, most iconic characters, rival studios, child actors, and Disney Channel)

Disney-Themed Family Feud Game - (version 4 of 12) "Toy Story"

  • Grade Level:


  • Pages:

    15 slides with a printable answer key
  • Subject(s):

    Disney, Games

  • Format(s):

    Zip with PowerPoint, Word, PDF

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