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***Google Classroom Compatible – these Microsoft Word documents can also be saved as Google Docs and used in Google or other digital classrooms

***Google Classroom Compatible – these Microsoft PowerPoint files can also be saved as Google Slides and used in Google or other digital classrooms

This download includes ALL 20 versions of the Family Feud game for 11th Grade U.S. History listed below. Each unit comes with the 15-slide interactive PowerPoint AND the printable one-page answer key (in PDF and MS WORD). Each can be downloaded separately, or they can be downloaded as a bundle discount.

Each unique resource has six different game rounds (with six different questions), and each of the questions has 4, 5 or 6 answers waiting to be revealed. This original format was created with ease of use in mind. Each answer is revealed with the click of a mouse, and each "X" is illuminated with the click of a mouse.

Each download corresponds to one of the following units:

Unit 1 - Colonies
Unit 2 - American Revolution
Unit 3 - Civil War
Unit 4 - Reconstruction
Unit 5 - Westward Expansion
Unit 6 - Gilded Age
Unit 7 - Imperialism
Unit 8 - Progressivism
Unit 9 - World War One
Unit 10 - 1920s America
Unit 11 - Great Depression
Unit 12 - World War Two
Unit 13 - Civil Rights
Unit 14 - 1950s America
Unit 15 - 1960s America
Unit 16 - 1970s America
Unit 17 - 1980s America
Unit 18 - 1990s America
Unit 19 - 200s America
Unit 20 - 2010s America

Family Feud! 11th Grade US History review games: All 20 Versions BUNDLE

  • Grade Level:


  • Pages:

    20 individual resources, each with 15 slides, 6 rounds of questions and answers, and printable answer keys

  • Subject(s):

    History, U.S. History

  • Format(s):

    Zip with PowerPoint, Word, PDF

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