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This download is a must-have for any teacher looking to put the fun and engagement back into biography assignments. Download this universal template to create your own assignments, or browse any of my 100+ pre-made versions with bust cut-outs and answer keys.


(download includes a printable PDF version, a printable/editable RTF version, two fully-editable and printable MS Word versions, and a fillable PPT slideshow version that can also be translated to Google Slides). Enjoy!


This worksheet is a perfect way to have students do brief biography reports on a historical figure. Depending on the grade level, it may need some modeling/scaffolding/modifying. There are 10 'body parts' that students must find information about. (e.g. - for 'MOUTH' students find a quote by or about the person, for 'EYES' students write what the visions/hopes/dreams were for the person). This is ideal to do for a HW assignment, in a computer lab with internet access, or together as a class. I have my students use a glue-stick to paste a picture of the person's head onto the picture in the middle! I use it about 7 times per school year with 7th graders. The first time takes about an hour, but they can finish one in closer to 30 minutes after they get used to it and used to my expectations :)


Historical Stick Figure - Biography Worksheet

  • Grade Level:


  • Pages:

    3 printable handouts (1 blank sheet, 1 answer key sample, 1 page of picture thumbnails) for each of the 8 figures
  • Subject(s):

    History, Biographies, ELA

  • Format(s):


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