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***Google Classroom Compatible – these Microsoft Word documents can also be saved as Google Docs and used in Google or other digital classrooms


***Google Classroom Compatible – these Microsoft PowerPoint files can also be saved as Google Slides and used in Google or other digital classrooms


This download includes all three of the resources described below. Each can be downloaded separately, but are offered here at a bundle discount. Enjoy!


1 – State follow-along Mapping Activity – Students follow along to turn their blank map into an information-packed resource, complete with cities, geographic features and more. Two versions of the slides are included; one in which there is a blank background, and one in which there is a satellite image of the state as the background. The teacher controls the pace as each map item appears at the click of a button. Both the PowerPoint and the blank map (in PDF and editable MS WORD format) are included.


2 – State Google Earth Assignment – The GOOGLE EARTH assignment asks students to find coordinates and other information about 10 places within the state. Using Google Earth, students search for information about famous natural and man-made sites. This assignment can be done together as a class, individually in a computer lab, with a class set of tablets, or even at home. This resource includes a graphic organizer (in both PDF and editable MS WORD format) and has been designed be printed out two-per-page for students. Also included is a series of PowerPoint slides (featuring the same graphic organizer) to demonstrate or discuss with the whole class.


3 – State Family Feud Activity – This download includes both the interactive Family Feud game PowerPoint AND the teacher answer key (in PDF and editable MS WORD format). The game features six separate game boards with different questions. Teacher can reveal a specific answer with the click of the mouse, or reveal an “X” at the click of the mouse. There is also a slide with tips on keeping the game moving along with engagement and student accountability. The topics are:


ROUND 1: Big cities in this state include…


ROUND 2: The biggest tourist attraction in the state would have to be…


ROUND 3: States that border or are close to this state include…


ROUND 4: Words to describe the climate or geography in parts of this state include: (e.g. dry or rainy, mountainous or plains, etc.)…


ROUND 5: Well-known industries or businesses in the state include… (e.g. farming, oil, etc.)…


ROUND 6: When thinking of official state symbols, I think of… (e.g. state bird, state capital, nickname, etc.)

MARYLAND 3-Resource Bundle (Map Activty, GOOGLE Earth, Family Feud

$15.00 Regular Price
$10.00Sale Price
  • Grade Level:


  • Pages:

    3 individual resources (45-50 slides in total) and printable follow-along maps, graphic organizers, and answer keys
  • Subject(s):

    U.S. States, U.S. History, Geography

  • Format(s):

    Zip with PowerPoint, Word, PDF

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