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***20 animals, all different from the 20 animals in the second edition


This resource includes a series of PowerPoint slides that encourages Pre-K and Kindergarten students to "move like an animal". There are 20 slides with twenty different animals and movements (e.g. "wag your tail like a dog", "walk like a crab"). This activity could take anywhere from 5-15 minutes, depending on how fast you want to go through the motions with your kiddos. Enjoy!


Applications include:

Physical Education

Enrichment activity

Indoor activity

Early reading

Follow along

Rainy-day recess

Following directions

Encourage physical activity

Move Like An Animal - Rainy Day Indoor Activity for Pre-K and Kindergarten

  • Grade Level:

    Pre-K and Kindergarten

  • Pages:

    21 pages and a printable blank map handout

  • Subject(s):

    Animals, Physical Education

  • Format(s):


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