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This music curriculum is for both the dedicated music teacher AND the classroom teacher looking to enrich their lessons and give students more exposure to music.


There are nearly 200 unique and engaging music lessons to choose from, making up a connected family of resources that cover 35 genres, countless subgenres, and hundreds of musicians, including background, primary sources, links to music, videos, graphic organizers, games, activities, and much more


“…These resources are incredible. They are thorough, accurate, creative, artistic, and perfect for building my year around...” – Mrs. Brooke (secondary teacher)


“…These are great! I love how they tie into the slides you made for each type of music. I highly recommend any and all of these music lessons.” – Matthew (Middle School Teacher)


Genre Anchor Lessons

5 influences genres

20 main genres

10 Velvet Series

All 30 genres


Featured artist lessons

Specific a la carte musicians

Founders of Rock and Roll (7)

Musicians who changed history (11)

Complete bundle access to all musicians


Name that song

Genre-themed editions

Disney editions


Silver screen edition

Classical covers

All versions


Music Family Feuds

20 main genres

10 Velvet Series

All 30 Games


Of course, any and all of the 170+ music resources can be accessed individually and will be useful as a stand-alone lesson. However, the resources have been designed to be interrelated and organized as a broader curriculum as well. For teachers looking to go “all-in” and dedicate a portion of each week to these music resources, here are three popular options for pacing throughout the school year…


1) One Genre Each Week, CHRONOLOGICALLY - genre per week for the entire school year (35 weeks), working through each of the 35 genres chronologically…


2) One Genre Each Week, TOPICALLY - new music each week for the complete school year (35 weeks). Start with 5 influences on American music genres, then move through 20 main genres before bringing it home with 10 Velvet Series genres


3) Paired-Genre Units - for the teacher that doesn’t have time to browse through resource options, the arranging and planning has been done for you! Here are music packs available as bundle downloads. Each option includes two anchor genres with relevant artists and activities to compliment…


A new genre each week for the entire school year (35 weeks), working through each of the 35 genres chronologically…



2)CHRISTIAN HYMNS (1st century)


4)CLASSICAL (1500s)


6)RAGTIME (early 1900s)

7)GOSPEL (early 1900s)

8)ACAPELLA (early 1910s)

9)BLUES (early 1910s)

10)SHOW TUNES (mid 1910s)

11)JAZZ (early 1920s)

12)COUNTRY (mid 1920s)

13)SWING (late 1920s)

14)CHRISTMAS MUSIC (early 1930s)

15)FOLK (early 1930s)

16)POP (early 1940s)

17) BLUEGRASS (mid 1940s)

18) LATIN POP (mid 1940s)

19) ROCK n’ ROLL (late 1940s)

20) R&B (late 1940s)

21) SOUL (early 1950s)

22) ROCK (mid 1950s)

23) SKA (mid 1950s)

24) FUNK (mid 1960s)

25) INDIE (mid 1960s)

26) REGGAE (late 1960s)

27) DISCO (early 1970s)

28) PUNK ROCK (mid 1970s)

29) HIP HOP (mid 1970s)

30) ALTERNATIVE (mid 1970s)

31) RAP (early 1980s)

32) METAL (early 1980s)

33) EMO (mid 1980s)

34) EDM (late 1980s)

35) K-POP (mid 1990s)


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    50 slides with links to 170+ resources
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    History, Music, Bundles

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