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Each download includes:
40-slide interactive PowerPoint
Answer Key (in both MS WORD and PDF formats)

Applications include: Study of music, Intro to music genres, Review Game, Brain breaks, Critical thinking, or team-building activities


About this version...


Name that Song, Artist, Genre is a fun way to introduce music into any classroom. In some cases, this "SILVER SCREEN BUNDLE" has been enhanced from the original. Instead of students guessing the Song, Artist, and Genre, some of these resources might also ask students to identify the movie or TV show title, or to estimate the year a film was made or the span of years a show was on the air. As with other versions of “NAME THAT SONG”, each resource provides links to the songs on YouTube, and contains interactive slides that allows teachers to control the pace and reveal hints and answers at the click of the mouse. For this “SILVER SCREEN BUNDLE” series, well-known and recognizable songs from prominent films and television shows are featured, and have been organized into 10 themed versions, including:


VERSION 1 - “80s songs from Hit Movies” – Top Gun, Back to the Future, Ferris Beuller, Ghostbusters, etc.


VERSION 2 - “Forrest Gump” – CCR, Bob Seger, The Byrds, Elvis, Aretha Franklin, Fleetwood Mac, etc.


VERSION 3 - “90s Songs from Hit Movies” – Batman Forever, Kill Bill, Space Jam, Fight Club, Titanic, etc.


VERSION 4 - “Guardians of the Galaxy” – Sam Cooke, Marvin Gaye, Looking Glass, Cat Stevens, ELO, etc.


VERSION 5 - “Cartoon show Theme Songs pre-2000s” – DuckTales, Jetsons, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, etc.


VERSION 6 - “Cartoon Show Theme Songs post-2000s” – Jimmy Neutron, Backyardigans, Dora, SpongeBob, etc.


VERSION 7 - “Old-School TV Show Theme Songs” – I Love Lucy, M.A.S.H., The Cosby Show, Green Acres, etc.


VERSION 8 - “Modern TV Show Theme Songs” – Full House, The Office, Friends, The Walking Dead, X-Files, etc.


VERSION 9 - “Vintage Musical Films” – Sound of Music, Oliver, Annie, Singing in the Rain, Merry Poppins, etc.


VERSION 10 - “Modern Musical Films” – The Greatest Showman, Trolls, Les Mis, Hamilton, High School Musical, etc.



How to play:
“Name that Song” is designed to be a fun activity to expose students to different types of music and give them an understanding of which musical characteristics match with which genres of music. Hyperlinks are provided for the songs, but you won’t want to display this to the class as it would reveal the answers. Students should see the interactive slides, which you can click to reveal hints and answers. Here are 4 ways to listen to the songs without showing students the links and videos as you play.
1) Use the “freeze screen” function on your projector – this way, you can open links and navigate with your computer without the students seeing anything on the projector
2) Try “split screen” function with your computer/projector – you choose what is visible via the projector while you access songs & links on the device screen in front of you
3) Enlist a separate device (Chromebook, iPad, phone) to play songs – you have freedom to play music from a 2nd

device while featuring slides on the main computer/projector
4) Find alternate sources besides provided links to play songs from another device (e.g. Spotify, Pandora) - also allows you to feature slides on main computer/projector

Best Practices:
How to keep score – Each song has three potential answers: the name of the song, the artist performing the song, and the genre of music that matches the song. You may want to have different values for each, depending on perceived difficulty, or you may want to tie it to your classroom economy (e.g. handing out tickets, adding points on the board, etc.). You could also give partial credit if students identify a different genre than the listed answer, as long as they can still explain how the song is similar to that genre.
How to maintain high engagement – Music is magic in the classroom, which should promote plenty of engagement already. Also, consider having students in groups, partners, or some other type of flexible grouping or structured student interaction so that the game doesn’t just become a bore where a small number of musically-cultured students know all the answers.
How to keep all students accountable – Provide students with the genre cheat sheet. Even if they don’t know any of the songs or artists, they could at least be called on to take a stab at the genre, using evidence from the cheat sheet to justify their answers. Calling on non-volunteers is also a great way to maintain a healthy anxiety and keep everyone involved with the lesson.

Name-that-Song Music Guessing Game OLD MUSICAL FILM SONGS SilverScreen 9 of 10

  • Grade Level:


  • Pages:

    40 slides and a printable answer key
  • Subject(s):

    Music, History

  • Format(s):

    Zip with PowerPoint, Word, PDF

    (Google Compatible: PPT to SLIDES, WORD to DOCS)

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