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This is a must-have for any teacher looking to introduce Nazism, Hitler, or WWII in a relevant and engaging way by comparing all 21 aspects of history to themes/figures/places/story-lines in the Star Wars films . Enjoy!


Going beyond Stormtroopers, helmets and Darth Vader, this engaging PowerPoint presents 21 parallels between Nazi Germany and Star Wars. This 1-2 day lesson can be used as a hook to start the unit, or a fun way to review. Rich in historical facts, it includes visuals for each of the 21 comparisons. This includes plot comparisons and other details from history and from the films. In fact, there are also about a dozen links to relevant sections of WWII documentaries and scenes from the various Star Wars films.


Parallels include:


Weapons of Mass Destruction


Holocaust / Genocide / Purge

Chancellor's rise to power

Military Details

and much, much more...


***Designed for classrooms, ideal for distance learning as well #distancelearningTpT




This resource focuses exclusively on the original Star Wars Trilogy; Star Wars: A New Hope (1977), The Empire Strikes Back (1980) and Return of the Jedi (1983)...

Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler & World War 2 (WWII) vs. STAR WARS - 21 similarities

  • Grade Level:


  • Pages:

    35 slides and a printable graphic organizer
  • Subject(s):

    History, Movies, World War 2

  • Format(s):

    Zip with PowerPoint, Word, PDF

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