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THIS IS A MUST-HAVE FOR ANY TEACHER TO BRING MUSIC INTO THE CLASSROOM. THIS PUNK ROCK GENRE RESOURCE SAMPLES AND EXPLORES PUNK MUSIC, including its origins in the 1970s in both the UK (e.g. The Clash) and in the United States (e.g. The Ramones), and including punk rock developments and artists from recent decades. THIS RESOURCE HAS BEEN CAREFULLY DESIGNED WITH BUILT-IN FUN TO ENGAGE STUDENTS EVERY STEP OF THE WAY. ENJOY!


***This resource is part of the VELVET SERIES, which explores 10 additional genres in addition to my original 20 genre resources. Each download contains a 40-slide PowerPoint (15 universal, 25 genre-specific), printable teacher directions on how to use each slides, and a detailed graphic organizer for students to follow along (in both PDF and MS WORD format)


The “VELVET SERIES” refers to a collection of resources that explores ten genres and subgenres that are off the beaten path, often overlooked, and not included in my original series of 20 American Music Genres. I am excited to present resources on the following genres: EDM, Christmas Music, Acapella, Show Tunes, Ska, Punk Rock, Emo, Indie/Underground, K-Pop, and Latin. I thoroughly enjoyed researching for this series and hope you enjoy teaching and learning with these resources, too!


For the VELVET SERIES, there are 10 Genres to choose from on over 500 beautifully designed slides including:


Christmas Music


Show Tunes (Musical Theater)


Punk Rock






Each PowerPoint gives background, primary source quotations, images, details and characteristics of the music, as well as links to music, videos, clips and more. Studying each genre could take 1-3 days, depending on how many music samples you choose to show.


These highly engaging resources could be used in many ways, such as:


* Enrichment at the Elementary level

* Middle School or High School for a "history of music" or "history of rock n' roll class"

* High School U.S. History

* To supplement any music class

PUNK ROCK! - "VELVET SERIES" Highly Engaging Music Genre Resource

  • Grade Level:


  • Pages:

    40-50 slides and one graphic organizer
  • Subject(s):

    Music, History

  • Format(s):

    Zip with PowerPoint, Word, PDF

    (Google Compatible: PPT to SLIDES, WORD to DOCS)

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