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The EPIC REFORMATION UNIT includes everything from primary sources, secondary sources, graphic organizers and links to games, activities and writing prompts. Parts 1-6 can be downloaded and taught as separate lessons, or downloaded as an entire unit. Enjoy!


INTRO (4 slides) - including: Table of contents, standards, key terms list, key terms defined


PART 1 (15 slides) - A Brief History of Christianity - including: graphic organizer of types of religions, best-selling books list, Old Testament summary, New Testament Summary, gospel explanation, early Christianity, Martyrdom of the disciples, Old Testament Timeline, New Testament Timeline, Church history Timeline, Timeline activity and directions


PART 2 (17 slides) - Inquisition and other Catholic Concerns - including: background, explanation of indulgences, explanation of purgatory, examples of relics, shroud of Turin, Catholic Church Hierarchy, intro to the Inquisition, list of trials and findings of the inquisition, images of torture devices used in the inquisition


PART 3 (16 slides) - Martin Luther & Protestant Reformation - including: background, list of famous reformers, side-by-side comparison of Catholic/Protestant stance on issues, 5 solas, John Calvin, predestination, Martin Luther background, summary, film questions and writing prompts for the film Luther, pictures of who's-who in the film Luther, answers to the video questions, Venn diagram of Catholics and Protestants, Counter-Reformation


PART 4 (18 slides) - Henry, Elizabeth & Church of England - including: Info on each of Henry's 6 wives, reasons for the first divorce, founding of the Church of England, comic strip activity for Henry VIII, Edward, Mary, Elizabeth, assassination attempts, the Naval battle between Spain and England, various links to videos on YouTube from Elizabeth, Elizabeth II and other clips


PART 5 (14 slides) - Missionaries around the World - including: religious map of Europe, fill-in-the-blank overview of European Christian denominations, description and examples and rationale of missionaries, Catholic and Protestant influences throughout the world, map activity showing Catholic and Protestant influences


PART 6 (16 slides) - Reformation Review & Assessment - including: SWAT review game with 20 questions, mini-quiz matching game, 10 multiple choice questions

*** REFORMATION UNIT (6 PART, 100-slide PPT) highly visual, interactive

  • Grade Level:


  • Pages:

    6 individual resources, including 100 slides and a printable handouts

  • Subject(s):

    History, Medieval/Modern World History

  • Format(s):

    Zip with PowerPoint, Word, PDF

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