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*** 9 other documents (15 total resources) also included as bonus material (Color Card Assessment PPT, Europe map, Jeopardy, Magna Carta handout, medieval Europe word sort, several pages of guided notes, Crusades 4x4 PPT, Crusades 4x4 handout, Crusades Comic Strip Activity)


This Download includes ALL 6 PARTS DESCRIBED BELOW


Extremely visual, interactive, and activity-rich PPT on Medieval Europe. The unit is broken into the lessons described below. The lessons can be taught as a whole unit, or stand-alone lessons. The unit includes word sorts, definitions, visuals, maps, links to YouTube videos, assessments, graphics organizers, primary sources, quizzes and review games. Enjoy!


PART 1 - Spread of Christianity (20 slides), including: Augustine, Anslem and Aquinas, the prevalence of Christian influences on our world today, information on monasteries, convents and monastic life, and much more...


PART 2 - Feudalism Explained (15 slides), including: graphics of the feudal system, the church hierarchy, vikings, Charlemagne, comparison to the Japanese Feudal system, links to YouTube videos and much more...


PART 3 - Hundred Years’ War (15 slides), including: text, visuals, graphics and maps for: Anglo-French conflicts on a timeline, Background information on Anglo-French conflicts, Phase One: The Edwardian War, Phase Two: The Caroline War, Phase Three: The Lancastrian War, Joan of Arc, Link to YouTube clip of Joan leading a battle, Military advancements and implications, Rise of French and English Nationalism, and much more...


PART 4 - Magna Carta (10 slides), including: sort activities to find similarities and differences between the Magna Carta, U.S. Constitution & Bill of Rights, links to scenes from the 2010 film Robin Hood, and much more...


PART 5 - Bubonic Plague (10 slides), including: Facts Images, disease symptoms, the song "Ring around the Rosie" explained, Maps of the spread, links to a variety of videos, and much more...


PART 6 - The Crusades (10 slides), including: Herringbone notes for the Crusades, Series of Maps and diagrams, Overview of the Crusades, Why Jews, Christians and Muslims consider Jerusalem to be their own holy lands, Background on Christianity in Europe, Diagram on European feudalism and church hierarchy, Analysis of a chess game made to represent Christians vs. Muslims, Bible Quotes that contradict the pope's call to take up arms

Renaissance Unit (121-slide PPT) combination of 7 PPTs (with graphic organizer)

  • Grade Level:


  • Pages:

    15 individual resources, including 120 slides and a printable graphic organizer

  • Subject(s):

    History, Medieval/Modern World History

  • Format(s):

    Zip with PowerPoint, Word, PDF

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