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Call it "Music Monday", "Time-for-beats Tuesday", "History-song Hump-day", "Theme-song Thursday", or "Fun Friday" and use a history-themed song once-a-week all year long to enhance learning.


This download includes a 60-slide PowerPoint that matches 30 songs to topics studied in 7th grade social studies. Some songs are funny, others are serious, but all of them correspond to topics such as: The Roman Empire, Islam, Africa, China, Japan, Europe, Maya-Inca-Aztec, Renaissance, Reformation, Scientific Revolution, Exploration, Enlightenment, Revolutions, etc.


Each of the 30 songs has lyrics, images, and hyperlinks to listen to it online. Enjoy!

Theme Song for each week of 7th grade history: includes lyrics-images-hyperlinks

  • Grade Level:


  • Pages:

    60 slides

  • Subject(s):

    History, World History, Medieval/Modern History, Music

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