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This resource is designed for lessons in geography, global studies or any other lesson in world cultures. Each slideshow allows students to use context clues and other hints to determine the locations and subjects of landscapes, cities, landmarks, activities and other scenes and subjects from around the world.


Each slideshow presentation includes 15 images with the teacher controlling the game by revealing hints and answers with a click of the mouse. The first 5 images are level 1 (more recognizable and easier to guess), the next 5 are level 2 (more challenging to guess), and the last 5 are level 3 (most challenging to guess).


***Each of the 20 themed versions have 15 interactive slides to use


***Clues & answers appear on each slide with a click of the mouse


***Difficulty level increases through three levels during the activity


***Three slides on each presentation also contain a video hyperlink to learn more


There are 20 themed editions to choose from, including:





Night Shots


Macro Shots

Urban Scenes

Ancient Ruins

Satellite Views

Natural Beauty

Human Activity

Modern Marvels

Sports & Events

Tallest Buildings

Hunting & Fishing

Economy & Industry

Famous Landmarks I

Famous Landmarks II

Famous Landmarks III

Government Buildings

Where in the World Am I? Fun Geography/Culture Game - "LANDSCAPES" (5/20)

  • Grade Level:


  • Pages:

    15 slides

  • Subject(s):

    Activities, Social Studies, Geography

  • Format(s):


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